Climate activist and former Vice President Al Gore has committed even more to sustainability – by going vegan. The Nobel Peace Prize winner announced that he is totally giving up animal products, and is enjoying a vegan diet. He also expressed interest in investing in Hampton Creek Foods, which makes a plant-based egg replacer.

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Gore first announced that he was cutting back on his meat intake back in 2009. Just four years later, the former VP has taken the full plunge by adapting to an animal product-free lifestyle. And by supporting start up companies like Hampton Creek Foods, Gore continues his dedication to not only bringing awareness of climate change to the forefront, but also by financially boosting the longevity of viable meat alternatives.

It’s no surprise that Gore has decided to go vegan, as he has spoken out in the past against the meat-raising and packing industry’s heavy environmental impacts. The advocate has often cited the world’s growing hunger for meat as a main contributor to climate change, because of industry factors like carbon dioxide/green house gas production, overconsumption of water, and land left infertile from grazing animals.

Former President Clinton has been vegan for over three years, choosing to make the switch after quadruple bypass surgery in 2004. The vegan power duo will hopefully inspire more Americans to indulge in meat-free diets.

Via Huffington Post

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