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The new Helsinki library is organized on three levels. The first is a dynamic public meeting space with a multipurpose hall, restaurant and even a cinema that can be accessed from three different entryways. From there visitors can either use a double-helix staircase or an elevator to reach the functional second level where a variety of workshops and meeting points are available, and the top floor, where a more traditional, tranquil library setting floats above the city.

The building, which swoops and swerves in striking curves, will be clad in locally-sourced Siberian larch. The façade was conceived with 3D parametric design to ensure the most efficient climatic and energetic performance. This modern, environmentally-sensible library will double as the hub of the city’s public library network and a vibrant place for learners to meet and greet. It is expected to open by 2018.

+ ALA Architects

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