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No part of the world is safe from the clutches of global warming, including the United States’ only Arctic region, Alaska. Due to a resident heat dome, several heat records were broken in Alaska this week, as parts of the state saw higher temperatures than Miami. Parts Alaska broke record after record this week, reaching 91 degrees Fahrenheit, then a whopping 96 degrees on Monday.

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Throughout the state, Alaskans have felt an unusually warm summer, with temperatures rising to the upper 80s and low 90s for the first time, in many places, in 40 or more years. Heat records were broken all across the state, shattering many by more than five degrees.

The surprising temperatures come after a record cold May in regions like McGrath, which is 220 miles northwest of Anchorage. On May 18, McGrath measured a chilly 15 degrees Fahrenheit, a new record low for that date. Other towns like Fairbanks, Valdez and Talkeetna have been making news with unprecedented reaches into the 90 degree realm, all while the lower 48 states have experienced cooler weather.

Alaska is been particularly susceptible to global warming due to the overwhelmingly rapid warming of the Arctic region. Because of these incredible spikes in temperature, the region now faces wildfire risk, melting permafrost, and reduced sea ice.

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