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The tiny house, which measures 8 feet by 20 feet, was built on a flatbed trailer so that it could be easily moved around. After adding finishing touches, Lisefki towed his new abode cross-country from Fairfield, Iowa to Sebastopol, California. Inside, the house is bathed in warm natural light that streams through the all-glass door and ten glass windows. Beautiful and sustainable beetle-kill pine paneling add a sense of warmth and coziness. Due to its small size and efficient design, the miniature home only requires an extension cord and access to a water hose to operate.

According to his website, Lisefki says that building and living in a tiny home helps him and his girlfriend spend less time worrying about bills and material goods and more time with the community and the great outdoors. Lisefki also hopes that The Tiny Project will become a source of inspiration and educational resource for those who wish to adopt a similar lifestyle. After he and his girlfriend have settled on a more permanent location, Lisefki plans to add more sustainable elements to his house such as solar panels and stormwater collection systems.

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