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This was the second edition of Fresh From Brasil, which showed its first collection at the Wanted Design show in 2011.  Jordão first showed pieces from his collection of Lego art last year in São Paulo. Along with the Lego chair were Pop-Art inspired wall pieces, including a Chanel logo constructed from the toy constructionblocks. As an independent designer, Jordão is also a part of a studio collective called Studio Maos, which has an eye for whimsical, art furniture with sophisticated execution.

Executive director Leal Joppert Joice of Objecto Brasil, the association responsible for organizing the Fresh from Brasil collection, said that New York Design Week “is a space to expand exports and create new business opportunities.”According to Joice, a show in New York can generate even more economic return and recognition for these Brazilian designers than being represented at the Milan Salon de Mobile.  In an interview with House and Garden Joice said that right now Brazil sees the United States as a major trading partner and that Europe has taken a back seat due to the economic crisis and lack of new design.

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