LEDs are coming for us in a big way and they are soon to be a fixture in all of our homes. Recently, the designers of Alessi teamed up with Foreverlamp to produce a entire series of designer LEDs that pretty much redefine the image of the ribbed energy efficient bulb. With light quality almost incomparable when placed next to the bare bulb we’ve all become accustomed to, the Alessilux Lamps embody the seduction of design and energy efficiency, making saving power a pleasure.

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The bulbs come in a variety of flavors— from art deco inspired looks to colored robots and modernist shapes to fit the discerning design pallet. The LED lighting technology uses a fraction of the energy of traditional lighting, but still provides equivalent quality light, often fully dimmable. Alessilux Lamps are rated at a 40 watt equivalent, using a mere 7 watts for warm white light .

The long life – lasting many years – also means that they can be more than just lights but nearly permanent luminaries when installed. Alessilux Lamps come in at around $60, about a third more than traditional LED bulbs, and are available in 220-240v. It is estimated each bulb boasts a return that will, over the course of 3 years with normal use, pay for itself.

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Via Mocoloco and Gizmodo