With the aim of making life-saving medical technology accessible to all, London-based designer Alex Duffner has created a series of medical devices from hacked home appliances. Called Domestic Science Machines, the project gives common household devices a scientific function – a coffee machine turns into a spectrometer, a salad spinner separates liquids like a centrifuge, and a slow cooker is used as a PCR cycler for growing DNA.

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Domestic Science Machines was Duffner’s final thesis project at the renowned Goldsmiths University of London. It encourages people of all ages to be curious, have fun, and be creative with the potential of familiar objects around them. Nice to the touch, each machine is made from earthy natural materials like wood and ceramics instead of the uninviting plastic or metal more commonly used for regular scientific instruments.

+ Alex Duffner

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Photos by Inhabitat and Alex Duffner