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Alex Vermeulen, SOH19 States of Nature, floating eggs, floating solar panels, energy self-sufficient, Eindhoven, Buddha, Natuurkunst Foundation, University of Technology, Art, energy efficiency, Solar Power, Renewable Energy

Situated in a 6,000-square-foot pond at Eindhoven’s University of Technology, Vermeulen’s eggs generate solar power that is converted into a magnetic field. The magnetic field makes a Buddha figure, which is encased in a transparent cylinder in the middle of the pond, levitate. The combined energy delivered by the collection of eggs depends on the sun’s light, but also wind, which causes the floating solar panels to drift around the pond.

On a nice sunny day the sculpture will heave majestically at 10 foot high and on a cloudy day or during the night, the Buddha will disappear beneath the water. A self-sufficientin energy artwork, the eggs are meant to represent the creation of life and a cycle of light and darkness, repeated everyday. Vermeulen’s black eggs project poetically combines the forces of nature, technology and art, within a public space and for everybody to enjoy.

+ Alex Vermeulen

Lead photo © Bart van Overbeeke; all others by Ana Lisa Alperovich for Inhabitat