Algae is one of the newest materials to hit the market as a multi-purpose fiber. While it has been hauled out of the ocean, cultivated, dried and processed into myriad products, it typically loses some of its allure in the process — until now. Having spent years figuring out a way to use algae so that it maintains its natural essence, even when molded into a final product, algae has now taken form in the shape of a lamp.

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Algae Lamps are a product of this effort with lamp shades that are contoured for unique outcomes in shape and style. Each shade is different due to the flexibility of the algae — a quality that took years to master. With a goal in mind, the challenge was finding a way to change the color of the green algae without breaking down the composition of the plant. Additionally, the end product had to be malleable rather than rigid or brittle. Through the course of many trials, a workable formula finally netted the desired result.

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Nea Studio, a name that gives the nod to its founder Nina Edwards Anker, began in 2006 with a focus on sustainable design and has maintained that target throughout a host of projects through the years. The Algae Lamp is no exception. Sourcing algae as a natural product replaces the need for petroleum based products like plastic. 

More than a sustainable lamp shade option, the Algae Lamp is a work of art, flowing and eye-catching with functionality as a bonus. 

Each shade is morphed into a cylinder-like shape to both capture and direct the light within. The internal glow of the bulb creates a warm and calming ambiance in the space. The flared and rippled outer edges mirror the movement of algae in its natural habitat with each shade having its own individual design. A variety of shades grouped together create a chandelier that illuminates a room through the filter of the translucent Algae Shades. With the customizable design, the shades can be used as a single lamp or sconce and the material is adaptable for all types of bases, such as brass or wood.

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