Is it a girl? A boy? What about a vegetable? Proud green thumbs can now lavish special attention onto their leafy friends with Alice Kim’s Plant Pregnancy vest and stroller. The design student from Kingston University created the PVC plastic front-pack to protect seedlings as they grow. Once ready to leave their container, they can be transferred to a stroller and wheeled about town. Not just a quirky way to pay respect to the planet’s flora, the maternity gear is intended to remind human beings of the care and effort required to bring a plant to maturity.

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If you thought tending to a bonsai tree was a major commitment, Alice Kim takes cultivation to a completely new level. The clear vest strives to create a connection between people and the organisms on which they depend for survival. By wearing the external womb, participants establish themselves as stewards of nature while also making a striking and thought-provoking statement to the public. Part design project and part performance art piece, the Plant Pregnancy vest highlights the similarities between the reproduction and growth processes that much of Earth’s life has in common. As an added bonus, wearers do not have experience morning sickness, odd cravings, or agonizing labor pains.

+ Alice Kim

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