After a successful series of trials in London, Daimler has just announced that the Smart Fortwo Electric is officially ready for small series production! The all-electric version of everyone’s favorite ultra-efficient minicar will feature a 41 hp Zytek electric motor capable of propelling it up to zippy top speed of 60mph with a range of 72 miles, making it perfect for inner-city driving and daily commutes. Now that seems like a smart <sorry> idea to us!

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The last time we brought you news of the Smart fortwo electric, we mentioned that trials were being held in the UK, with the intent to gague customer reaction to the prototype vehicle. We could have saved them the trouble and told them that the idea was fantastic and that we wanted one, were wondering where to sign up, and thinking about possible color choices. But alas, they probably felt the need to do some market research.

The Smart Fortwo Electric is, as its name implies, an electric vehicle with a top speed of 60 mph. It is not the speediest of vehicles, but then again, it does not need to be. The vehicle is a plug-in and can be charged by connecting to any wall socket.

The production vehicles will be first delivered to the UK. Additional testing will continue in Rome, Milan, Paris and even the US.

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