As electric vehicles claim an increasing share of the road, their counterparts in the air are just starting to take off. On March 28, the SportStar EPOS two-seater electric plane made its first 30-minute flight. Czech company Evektor-Aerotechnik designed the aircraft with a single 50-kW Rotex electric motor and a trapezoidal wing span of 10.46 meters. Powered by a 40-Ah battery from Kokam, the SportsStar EPOS can reach up to 260km/h with a cruising speed of 150km/hr.

Without battery or cargo, the plane weighs in at about 275kg with a capacity to carry 600kg at takeoff. It is powered by a DC electric motor RE X90-7 from Rotex Electric which rotates a three blade propeller from manufactured by VZLÚ Pragu. The SportStar can be equipped with two pairs of containers each housing 45 lithium polymer cells. Since the plane is fully electric, no fossil fuels or motor oil are needed. Without combustion, the aircraft is also much quieter for both crew members and populations lying below its path. Evektor’s site claims that the operation costs of the SportStar are much lower, especially with the fuel being 75% less expensive. The fewer number of the components in the compact power also help to drive down the maintenance bill.

The SportStar is scheduled to make its first public appearance at the Aero Friedrichshafen aviation show in Germany between April 24 and 27. According to the manufacturer, the plane is still in development and has some technical hurdles to overcome before being able to be sold on its desired market of private individuals and flight schools.

+ Evektor

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