If cruelty to animals and marine captivity are on the list of things that make you hot under the collar, good news is on the horizon. According to The Dodo, all signs are pointing to the demise of SeaWorld, the company known far and wide for giving shoddy treatment to its marine residents. Media impresario Kenneth Lerer says the company’s brand is now so tarnished, an increasingly concerned population have come to view the enterprise as synonymous with the torture of whales.

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Other signs of SeaWorld’s death throes include financial losses. The company’s stock is down by nearly half over the past year and its $1.6 billion market cap has disappeared. According to the Wall Street Journal the company’s stocks dropped a whole 34 percent in one day last week. This combined with the statistic which shows that attendance has dropped by 4.3 percent in the first half of 2014 seems to indicate a downward spiral for the company.

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There is also an online movement against the company that’s been gaining steam via “Blackfish,” the Oceanic Preservation Society, The Dodo and more than 100,000 people on Change.org who have all made their voices heard and are actively campaigning against the mistreatment of animals at SeaWorld.

Lerer theorizes that all this combined with SeaWorld’s complete inability to deal with any of the above spells the death knell for the company. What, if anything can be done, is fairly simple: provide a better life for captive whales and develop a new reputation as a worldwide leader and symbol for caring for animals.

Via The Dodo

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