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Rising almost like ziggurats from the land, the BIO Campus mimics the sand dunes familiar in parts of Turkey. AllesWirdGut partnered with Transsolar and Tom Matton to design each building to accommodate visitors and tenants who may not be accustomed to the Istanbul’s climate. Each façade of the buildings will double as sunlight filters, streaming daylight into the interior while also diverting solar gain.

Lush vegetation will be planted both outside and inside the buildings, helping to keep temperatures naturally cool, and reducing the need for air conditioning. Each structure centers around an open air atrium, creating a visual connection with visitors on every floor, while also helping to create an open flow of light and air. Climate control will be in the hands of each unit, preventing mass-usage of energy to cool or heat the spaces.

The self-contained center will also make transportation and the distribution of food more efficient, bringing inhabitants needs right to their doorsteps. BIO Campus efficiently organizes the needs of a growing city, while offering common spaces for social interaction to help make the new mega neighborhood a home.

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Via World Architecture News