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Located on the Royal Victoria Dock, the hotel is served by the Prince Regent Station on the Docklands Light Railway and is located adjacent to the International Conference Centre. Aloft London Excel is a Starwood Hotel & Resort and features 252 hotel rooms, a bar, a fitness suite and gym, five ‘Tactic’ meeting rooms and a restaurant. The volume is characterized as a simple wave shape with two guest room wings nestled into both concave sides and a central spine that serves as the circulation corridor. The entire hotel features bespoke designs including lighting, the facade, a spectacular spiral staircase in the lobby and decor for the guest rooms.

The facade of the guest room wings is clad in thousands of specially treated, highly reflective stainless‐steel shingles creating the extraordinary effect of constantly changing color with the passing of the day. The exterior of the central spine features double‐glazed cladding, which features a translucent ceramic frit pattern and solid back‐painted spandrel panels. The stripped fritting was inspired by Bridget Riley’s abstract paintings and helps emphasize the flow of the building. This serpentine shape shortens the corridor length and helps infiltrate the space with natural daylight. Aloft London Excel has achieved a BREEAM rating of Excellent.

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Images ©Tim Crocker courtesy of Jestico + Whiles