The world’s largest offshore wind turbine was recently installed in the waters near Ostend Harbour at the Belwind Wind Farm in Belgium. The 6 MW Haliade 150 wind turbine model, with 73 meter long blades and a 78 meter tower was built by the French company Alstom and is expected to harvest 15 percent more energy than existing offshore wind turbines.

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The large wind turbine will power approximately 5,000 households and require less maintenance than other models used for offshore wind power harvesting. This is possible because the Heliade model has less mechanical parts and operates without a gearbox, while the permanent generator incorporated into the body of the turbine makes it more reliable and cost effective.

The first Heliade 150 turbine went through a series of tests at Le Carnet site in France and successfully obtained the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) power performance measurement in 2012. By installing it at the site in Belgium, Alstom will be able to confirm the turbine’s superior performance within the offshore environment for which it was specifically designed. The turbine was installed with the help of Belwind and will hopefully push the envelope when it comes to the development of innovative wind energy technologies.

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