Atelier Monarque Architecture (AMA) is leading in the spatial design realm through its mission to holistically design spaces that help enrich the human experience. In March 2020, the four founding partners came together to achieve this goal by combining their diverse backgrounds and breadth of experience within the domains of architecture and interior design. Based in Montreal, the team’s workflow is augmented by the rich socio-cultural diversity and innovative spirit of the city.

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Rooftop terrace with picnic benches surrounded by tall planters with shrubs

Two weeks after the founding of AMA, the COVID-19 pandemic sent the world into lockdown. Despite this setback, the team began working with several clients to adapt living, working and public spaces to become more flexible, taking into consideration the varying challenges brought about by the pandemic. The designs focus on reflecting the values of the inhabitants of the spaces and provide versatile solutions to spatial concerns.

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Modern cafe with hanging lightbulb fixtures and wooden slat decorative ceiling

Alongside the various design projects the team embarked on in 2020, they were also successful in launching their new website. The site showcases their work, theoretical projects, and hot topics in the design world. AMA seeks to educate its clients about design and encourage them to explore their aesthetic preferences. This creates a dialogue between the team and the clients and allows the individuals to foster a sense of ownership in the design of their spaces.

Restaurant conference room with a table under suspended lights, patterned tiles, and flatscreen tv

For AMA, design affects every aspect of daily life, including the spaces and objects we interact with. Because of this, the team seeks to explore the genius loci, a classical Roman concept that references the spirit or character of a place. With the knowledge that construction is one of the most unsustainable industries in the world, AMA incorporates sustainable solutions that benefit users and the environment. By using the site’s characteristics, adopting eco-friendly solutions and considering the clients’ spatial needs, the designers focus on longevity and use multifaceted sustainable approaches that organize the spaces to best serve their users.

Lounge space with yellow accent carpet and wall details

Most of the team’s projects are offices or public spaces that vary in scale. Regardless of the project, the AMA team’s vision is to create the maximum impact on inhabitants while maintaining a minimal impact on the environment. In doing so, AMA’s spaces are designed to encompass aesthetics, functionality, and wellbeing of both clients and the planet at large.

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Images by JALQ Photography and François LeClair