The Amaala Triple Bay Yacht Club is a newly designed sustainable yacht club by HKS for Saudi Arabia‘s northwestern coast in the desert. The design is part of the Vision 2030 strategy to diversify the local economy by encouraging growth in tourism.

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Exterior of the yacht club with people walking in

First, Amaala Triple Bay’s design aims for at least a LEED Gold standard certification. This high standard for sustainable architecture will be met by selecting certain materials and reducing waste through efficient engineering and design. Then, the use of a light steel frame minimizes concrete and promotes efficient energy use in operation.

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Aerial view of the sustainable yacht club

What’s even more thoughtful than materials and energy use is the way the yacht club was designed in a particular shape to reflect the sun and minimize energy requirements. The building is shallow, which allows it to use natural light and ventilation. Glazed windows also minimize the amount of sun that falls on them to reduce internal thermal heat transfer. Best of all, the whole Red Sea Development Project will be completely self-sustaining with solar and wind power.

LED lights on the floor mirroring a night sky

During operation, Amaala plans to use no single-use plastics, send zero waste to landfills and have zero discharge to the sea. Further, the developers have designed the building to have no direct light shone on it to avoid impacting native turtles in the area that navigate by moonlight.

A grand staircase with a lobby

To add to the beautiful design, tiny LED lights are arranged like stars embedded into the main floor. The subtle lights reflect like the night sky out at sea. Moreover, a lovely Venetian grand staircase ties together the open interior of the space.

A relaxation area in the club with warm lights and large windows

The yacht club sits at the heart of the Marina yachting community. Even more interesting, the club looks like a yacht itself with an undulating facade designed to look like an aerodynamic vessel on the coast. Meanwhile, cantilevered terraces will mimic the unique rock formations of the Red Sea coast.

A dining area within the club with marbled tables

Then, the material chosen will reflect the history of local architecture. Sleek outdoor designs encase rich interior materials of stone, leather and timber within a plain white exterior accented by luxurious metals. The building is also comprised of four levels totaling 85,034 square feet. Several of these levels include indoor amenities topped by a glass-edged pool overlooking the sea.

One of the sitting areas within the club with floor-to-ceiling windows

Visitors to Amaala will be capped at 500,000 per year to prevent tourism from becoming another strain on the environment. The goal is to promote sustainable tourism on an ongoing basis.

Amaala is a luxurious experiment in sustainability, vowing not to send any waste to landfill or discharge to the sea. We can’t wait to see how it shapes up.


Images via HKS