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aMAZEme Book Maze, London 2012 Festival, book installation, exhibition, book sculpture

A smaller version of the piece was previously created in Rio de Janeiro. Much more ambitious than its predecessor, the London maze was built from 250,000 used and new books, most of which were loaned and will be returned after the exhibit. The installation was constructed in 4 dayswith the help of over 50 volunteers, creating walls up to 2.5 meters high.

The maze was inspired by acclaimed Argentinean writer Jorge Luis Borges, and his love of books and labyrinths. In fact, the layout of the installation is in the shape of Borges’ own fingertips. To make the artwork more interactive, visitors are provided with an accompanying audio tour that guides them through the meticulously mapped book titles.  Besides navigating the aMAZEme maze, visitors can attend daily performances from various literary figures. The funds from the project will be donated to fighting poverty around the world, as part of Oxfam’s charitable work.

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Via Colossal and Architizer