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Luka found the inspiration for the project during a high school art architecture class in 2008. He acquired the schematic designs of an Air India 777-3000ER and began building the 5-foot-long 1:60scale model. He first drew the design in Illustrator and printed it directly onto the manila folders. The mesh behind the engine was latticed manually out of hundreds of strands. Over 2,000 parts were used to build the model and the assembly process itself took 200 hours. The furniture alone took an entire summer to make (it took a day to finish two business class seats). Five months were spent of engines.

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The replica is not justlife-likeas a static object. Its tires actually swing and steer. Landing gear actually collapses and folds up. The flaps move. Every detail of the model was built to work. The structure can support several times the weight of the finished jet. Luka is expecting to be able to finish the entire object later this year. He is currently working on painting the fuselage.

Via Hackaday