Bonsai master Chris Guise combined his green thumb with his love for The Hobbit to create a miniature bonsai hobbit hole fit for The Lord of the Rings! The teeny tiny Bag End Bonsai is fit for Frodo Baggins himself, and it’s nestled against one of Guise’s signature plants.

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To create his Bag End Bonsai Trayscape Chris Guise started with a live bonsai tree. He began work on the miniature tree two years ago using the shari bonsai technique. Guise pruned the edges, letting the tree flourish around a central score mark. After the tree healed, Guise began to further hollow out the trunk with small carving tools, so as not to kill the growing tree.

Once the tree was preserved, Guise began work on the intricate Hobbit House. Working tirelessly for eighty hours, the artist laid the home’s detailed brickwork. Small pieces of wood were used for the fence, and soil was added to create the Hobbit hill. Finishing touches were added with paint, and living moss was used to replicate the grass that grows over the Hobbit’s roof.

The resulting home is a sculptural model honoring the Lord of the Rings trilogy and a living piece of art that will continue to flourish.

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