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Named after the famous nesting dolls, Matroshka is designed for those who live in compact dwellings — it includes everything needed in an apartment except the kitchen sink and the bathroom. The system was designed by four students (Sara Remnerth, Anna Fossane, Magnus Gustavsson and Anna Thorseaus) in 2007 as an Industrial Design project at Mid Sweden University in Sundsvall. The group was tasked with finding new solutions for people living in small residences, so they focused their attention on maximizing space, providing storage, and improving the social functions of small-space living.

What resulted was the Matroshka living system, which provides space for working, study, sleep, eating, socializing and relaxing, and even has enough room to store clothes, books, and cleaning supplies. The furniture pieces nest inside of one another and slide underneath the raised workspace, which consists of desk and shelves. Stairs to the work platform provide valuable storage, and each dining stool stows away underneath the bed/bench to provide more storage. The system can expand to seat up to twelve people for dinner and social occasions, and can be compacted to provide extra room.

Currently the designers of Matroshka are seeking investors and business partners to turn this amazing furniture system into a reality. You’d think with them being in Sweden, that IKEA would snap this idea up and run with it.