College students rejoice! Amazon has just announced that it will make college text books available for their e-reader, the Kindle.  In an effort to grab a piece of the extremely profitable college text book market, Amazon will begin renting collegiate books to students starting Monday. The book rentals will not only save thousands of trees – but also save students thousands of dollars yearly.

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Amazon’s online Kindle Store will offer students tens of thousands of text titles, all downloadable to their Kindle device or to their laptops. They can even purchase items right from their Kindles! Students can option to rent the books for varying amounts of time from 30 days up to almost a year. Extra days can be purchased if needed, and students can opt to buy the entire book should they fall in love with it (it happens!)

College text books take a huge chunk out of students’ budgets, even when buying used books. But Kindle’s e-titles sell on Amazon for up to 80 percent lower than their paperbound counterparts! Amazon has already partnered with popular text publishers John Wiley & Sons, Elsevier and Taylor & Francis.

Renting text titles on Kindle is a win-win. Students can lighten the load of lugging around tons of books from class to class, while their wallets can carry the brunt – of having more money!

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