Just in time for the overly packaged holiday season, we are thrilled to see that Amazon is debuting a new eco-friendly idea called ‘Frustration Free Packaging’. If you’ve ever tried to open a plastic package twice the size of the product inside and ended up with box cutters in one hand and carpal tunnel syndrome in the other you may know ‘wrap rage.’ Then once you finally got the plastic off, you still had 18 wires to unwind and a mountain of mostly unrecyclable trash. The folks at Amazon are working hard to remedy this problem with the introduction of Frustration-Free packaging. Amazon is working with manufacturers to eliminate dreadful clamshell packages for simpler brown boxes. Not only will it make wrapping and unwrapping much easier, but these boxes can broken down like any other and recycled.


Frustration-free and plastic-free packaging is something we’ve been hoping for for a good long time.
Currently Amazon is only offering 19 products with Frustration-Free packaging but is looking to expand the program with hopes of wrapping all of their products sans fuss in the coming years. The holiday season is a month-long consumption crash we have no intentions of sacking but we love to see more thoughtful giving with low impact packaging and production.

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Tip Via Richard Seireeni