3D-printing just officially went mainstream as Amazon announced the launch of an online store for 3D-printed items. With more than 250 products (including pendants, toys, nylon wallets, cookie cutters and bobbleheads), the new store aims to shift online retail towards a more dynamic and personalized selection of items.

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Amazon’s new store sells 3D-printed objects and 3D printers, with an almost infinite selection of customizable products. The prices for the items range from a few bucks to thousands of dollars, depending on the product category. Designers are presented with an opportunity to offer items that can be customized according to customers’ requirements and wishes. Items for sale can be seen in a rotating view of 360 degrees and include products by companies such as Mixee Labs and the French Sculpteo.

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The 3D printed objects store could redefine the online market and, being a cost effective alternative to conventional online retail, provide customers with a much wider palette of products. But we do have to wonder if we really need such an explosion of stuff in a world that is already so polluted and over-taxed?

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Via Phys.org