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The $34.6 million dollar project includes demolition and reconstruction of the first floor Eiffel and Ferrié pavilions, which house the welcoming center, shops and a restaurant. Upon completion, the principal reception area in front of the elevators will be renovated and expanded along with the addition of new conference rooms, a 200 seat multipurpose theater, a visitor center and an open air Museographic path that leads around the first floor. Glass flooring and balustrades will be installed for optimal viewing from 57 meters above the ground. Equally important to the renovation project is the new accessibility options that will finally allow disabled visitors to visit the first floor.

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To help improve the tower’s energy efficiency and reduce its fairly large carbon footprint, the first floor pavilion will be equipped with solar panels and LED lighting. Four windmills with vertical axes will power a turbine for drinking water and a runoff system will be used for rainwater collection.

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