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The area that encompases the Ciudad Deportiva is located at the intersection of two of the most important rivers in Mexico City: Churubusco and La Piedad. The project aims to construct an urban wetland that fully incorporates the two rivers into the community’s everyday lifestyle. Using various recycled, biological and eco-friendly materials, the construction of the wetland area will include native plants and mineral rocks, such as river stone and tezontle, in order to maintain the soil’s natural biological properties.

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The wetland project includes a strategic circular metabolism watershed system with green infrastructure that is projected to provide cleaner water to the surrounding areas. Additionally, runoff water will be collected and re-entered into the wetland’s cycle using sustainable features within the program itself. The architects explain, “In a city where there is a lack of social equity and communication, we aim to create a space in which communities can belong. This idea is based on green infrastructure elements where water is the connection to both sides of the city and therefore the channel to social interaction. As a means to recover the watershed, like veins in a body, the city needs its water sources to remain alive.”

The Ciudad Deportiva project presents a new vision of urban living that aims to encourage the community to engage with its surrounding environment. By incorporating strategic use of green infrastructure techniques with a strong focus on creating viable wetlands, the architects hope to not only convert the space into a vibrant public green area, but promote a healthy awareness of environmental appreciation and sustainability on a local level.

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In order to further encourage a healthy and sustainable urban area, surrounding residential areas will be connected to the new urban space by an extensive bicycle network. Along with providing a new urban green space for the local community, prioritizing social interaction is key to the plan. The venue will be able to host a number of cultural and sporting events throughout the year.

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