America’s first all-electric school bus is set to start picking up students in 2014. The SST-e type A bus is estimated to save the Kings Canyon, California Unified School District around 16 gallons of fuel a day – which adds up to $11,000 per year – while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and lowerering maintenance costs.

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The bus is a joint venture between Motiv Power Systems and Trans Tech Bus. The vehicle’s Motiv electric Powertrain Control System (ePCS) is based on the Ford F450 chassis and it can accommodate any battery type. The vehicle can seat 32 students or 24 students and one wheelchair.

“Our system is battery agnostic, it ‘future-proofs’ fleets against changes in the battery market, such as discontinued batteries or future improved technology,” said Jim Castelaz Founder and CEO of Motiv. “This makes a Motiv equipped bus the most flexible and customizable all-electric powertrain for trucks on the market. We are thrilled the ePCS will be assisting schools get the most out of their transportation dollars, while at the same time educating children on clean transportation.”

Via CleanTechnica

Lead image via valley public radio