Iceland is the perfect place for electrified SUVs, or at least that’s the idea behind a new contract between AMP and Iceland’s Northern Lights Energy. The company, known for turning mainstream vehicles into electric cars (their electric Saturn Sky is pictured here), just delivered its first electrified Mercedes-Benz SUV to NLP Chairman and CEO Gisli Gislason at AMP’s Cincinnati headquarters. Based in Iceland, the company has access to plentiful geothermal and hydro power and a 35% market demand for SUVs. If all goes according to plan with this latest initiative, the new contract could add up to $100 million in revenue for AMP.

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“We were very excited to receive and drive the AMP Mercedes ML EV today,” said Gislason. “The vehicle drove extremely well, and I feel will fit perfectly in our Iceland program. We have fifty Icelandic companies and government offices, including the Ministry of the Environment, signed up to host electric vehicle charging and to convert their fleets to 100% electric vehicles and their expectations are high. In my opinion, this AMP EV will meet and exceed all expectations.”

Also in AMP’s sights are other Nordic countries, including Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and the Faroe Islands. “This is an extremely important EV order for our entire AMP team and we are focused on all necessary steps to execute NLE’s requirements,” said AMP CEO James Taylor.


Via PR Newswire