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The 51 square meter Amphidromous Rectangle renovation in Amagasaki is situated near Osaka City’s transportation nucleus, so the client hoped for a design that would not only provide a peaceful but interesting haven for themselves, but that could also accommodate at least one guest eager for a well-equipped work space. Jun Murata achieved this by creating a rectangular “donut” that establishes continuity between living and working areas. These consist of a semi-open kitchen that spills out into a living/dining area, a traditional tatami room and a hallway, a guest space and a central room with a walk-in closet.

Privacy is achieved with sliding doors while flexibility is optimized with Murata’s inspired lighting design. In addition to cutting slits into the doors that allow natural light from the western walls to reach across 10 meters of depth in order to illuminate all corners of the home during the day, he installed lights of many kinds and shapes that create a variety of “moods.” In so doing, just by switching out the light, the client can re-arrange the house depending on what is happening (a business meeting, movie night, or an art exhibition?)

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