The Finnish-based company Amplisonic Ltd takes the idea of “garage rock” one step further with its guitar amplifiers made from recycled gas cans. The V8 T.A.N.K models offer over eight hours of continuous playing time, and includes a built-in lead accumulator, ten inch speaker, and can be recharged through a wall socket, solar panel, or car battery. Even when not being used to kick out the jams, the stored electricity in the accumulator can be used juice up your mobile devices.

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The rugged, industrial design of the amps are available Smokey Black, Firehouse Red, and British Green. The standard V8 T.A.N.K can be customized with your optional volt meter, customized speakers for 20W output, and INOX stainless steel for marine use. At only 8kg, these amps are ready to hit the road!

Listen to the amps in action in a video here.

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