Sure, building a space ship or Ewok village out of LEGOs is and admirable effort, but what about fashioning your own prosthetic limb? Intrepid occupational therapist Christina Stephens (aka Amputee OT) has assembled her own leg out of the little plastic bricks. The project came as a result of a co-worker at her research lab joking that she create a leg from LEGOs. Using her own prosthetic as a model, she rifled through two giant boxes of LEGOs to find the perfect pieces to construct her “Legoleg.” While not quite functional, her new extremity is an excellent representation of her great sense of humor and outlook on healing.

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Stephens, who lost her foot in a crush injury, is a practicing occupational therapist and clinical researcher who has used social media to chronicle her journey from injury to amputation and beyond. Hoping her efforts raise awareness and act as a resource for other amputees as well as caregivers, she allows viewers to understand what it is like to live with a disability. From showing what it looks like to get a new leg to getting a tattoo to commemorate her amputation, Stephens answers questions that most people have on their minds when seeing someone with an artificial limb.

“I’m just like everyone else: I put my legs on one leg at a time.” she says.

For more information on living with prosthetics, or to just get a dose of positivity and a great outlook on life, check out Stephens’ Facebook page and YouTube channel.

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