Just as pop-up books give dimension to the stories within, Amsterdam-based designer Robert van EmbricqsRising Table gives poetic form to function. Drawing inspiration from his recent award winning Rising Chair, as well as naturally occurring transformations in nature, his newest creation is part of a series of furniture made from a single, flat piece of wood.

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Embricqs, a graduate from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, follows the iconic Dutch designer’s philosophy of simplicity in construction. “In designing the Rising Table,” Embricqs states, “I felt it was of paramount importance that the source materials both dictated and guided the ultimate design, while ensuring practical appliance and usability.”

The prototype table is made of locally manufactured recycled plywood, with plastic hinges milled into the wood veneer to create a completely flat surface. The wood beams are only 15mm thick, which means table is only 15mm thick when lying flat – optimizing transportation efficiency and reducing packaging waste. As if this wasn’t reason enough to love the Rising Table, its simple form is a true work of art.

+ Robert van Embricqs