amy eisenfeld genser, paper, quilling, coral reef, painting, biomimicry

Appearing as a coral reef viewed from above, Amy Eisenfeld Genser creates large-scale works that combine sculpture and painting. Some of her pieces can be several feet wide, containing hundreds of paper coils. She became involved in paper-quilling during graduate school at the Rhode Island School of Design. Treating her compositions like puzzles, she uses the strips of paper to imitate the patterns of the natural world. Each piece of paper is cut, rolled, and glued to the canvas with PVA which has previously been painted with acrylic or gel medium.

Genser says of her compositions: “The sources of my work are textures, patterns, and grids. I look for forms that can be repeated to create a pattern when they are joined. My work tries to capture the essence of an experience or an image I have seen. I often look to the natural world for inspiration. I am fascinated by the flow of water, the organization of beehives, and the organic irregularity of plants, flowers, rock formations, barnacles, moss, and seaweed. Aerial views of our landscape can also be compelling; it is interesting how the organization of our landscape becomes quilt-like when viewed from above.”

Her work can be seen at the Architectural Digest Home Design Show taking place from March 21-24 in New York City.

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