Norwegian designer, curator, collector and illustrator Amy Hunting is transforming factory waste wood cut-offs into a collection of patchwork furniture. Strong and pleasing to the eye, the collection is made entirely from different types of wood, glued together to form a new material. Her collection inspired by Russian Matrioska Dolls consists of a limited collection of chairs, a book box and 12 lamps that fit neatly inside one another. Each piece is handmade to be slightly different from the other.

sustainable materials,recycled materials,green home decor,green materials,green furniture,art,norwegian design,norwegian prototypes,London Design Festival,recycled wood,patchwork designHunting’s pieces were featured in numerous publications as well as been exhibited internationally, from Norway to Japan, exposing her conscious use of resources that is combined by her passion for furniture and crafts. She believes in designing products that are honest and simple, and understand the importance of being able to look at something and to understand exactly how it was built. 

In addition to making furniture and products, the East London-based designer enjoys exhibiting her and her friends works. She is the co-founder and curator of Norwegian Prototypes, an annual exhibition held during the London Design Festival featuring new Norwegian furniture design.

+ Amy Hunting

Images © Amy Hunting / Charlotte Wiig