Last year we announced the unveiling of the Nissan Leaf — the first affordable all-electric vehicle from a mainstream automaker — but up until now, Nissan would only concede that the vehicle would cost somewhere in the range of $20,000 to $30,000. Now the automaker has finally revealed the Leaf’s pricing plan: $32,780 before incentives, or $25,280 after a federal tax credit of $7,500. The vehicle will also be available for lease at a price of $349 per month.

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The Leaf may be affordable, but Nissan isn’t skimping on the details — the vehicle features a 100-mile range as well as amenities like Bluetooth connectivity, Sirius/XM satellite radio capabilities and roadside assistance, and energy-efficient LED headlights.

Of course, pricing a snazzy all-electric vehicle at such a low price has its drawbacks. One problem: Nissan might not make a profit on the car at first. As lithium-ion battery prices drop, however, the automaker will become more likely to make some cash. In the meantime, start saving up for the Leaf — it will hit streets throughout the U.S. in 2011.

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Via Greentech Media