Inspired by designs using Japanese paper and made with paper handmade in Bali, Indonesia, these luminous sculptures designed by Alexis Dornier definitely evoke a feeling of nature. It is what makes these lamps so special.

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A triangular lamp on a platform

The luminous sculptures belong to the Tamashī Jiwa collection. The paper of these sculptures is made with banana fibers. The fibers from the plant are cooked into a pulp, which is then molded and dried. Then, the paper is sewn and stitched together to create cells. The cells are filled with polyurethane wool, which creates soft, strong shades in a sustainably-made design that allow light to shine through.

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A hanging triangular lamp

As a result, the overall design reflects a minimalist design, with clean, sweeping lines and simple, elegant shapes. The luminous paper shapes lighten and brighten any space, creating a soft glow of illumination. Banana fibers are harvested from banana plants. This material is entirely sustainable and renewable. The polyurethane used in these sculptures was created from recycled plastic. The materials combine to create lightweight, durable, beautiful shades that soften the illumination and disperse the light over a wider area.

A lamp that hangs with its ridges

Additionally, the supporting framework of the sculpture is black, a contrast against the lighter shade of the paper-polyethylene combo. Made and manufactured in Bali, Indonesia, these sculptures look delicate but they’re made to last. Not only that, they bring light and joy to all who see them.

A standing lamp

“Just like the mind and the heart are an inseparable amalgam that constitutes us humans, Alexis brings the Rational and the Intuitive into one selected snapshot,” said a spokesperson for the Tamashi Jiwa.

+ Alexis Dornier

Photography by Pete Kamynin