Since day one Bulleit Frontier Whiskey has produced whiskey in alignment with a well-defined list of sustainability goals. It’s an example of corporate responsibility that encompasses reducing carbon emissions, water conservation and waste management. 

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As an example, the company recently announced that its distillery in Lebanon, Kentucky will not consume any fossil fuels for the production of Bulleit. Furthermore, the newest distillery in Shelbyville, KY was sustainably constructed with a focus on natural habitat protection, water conservation and local ingredients sourcing.

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Bulleit focuses on eco-friendly practices in the Visitor Experience Center too, avoiding single-use plastics and developing an onsite garden for organic cocktail garnishes. Other business practices include hosting events that feature reclaimed furniture pieces, partnering with food composting organizations and upcycling barrels to craft barrel-aged beer. 

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Outside the production and visitor experience, Bulleit also commits to reforestation efforts. It’s a passion project initiated alongside the need for white oak trees as the source of oak barrels for its whiskey. Five years ago, Bulleit made a pledge to regrow the white oak population and has steadily increased this commitment through a partnership with American Forests.

The duo is proud to announce they surpassed their ambitious goal of planting one million trees three years ahead of schedule. In a press release, Bulleit said, “These million trees are expected to remove 74,000 pounds of pollutants from the air and conserve over 75 million gallons of water in years to come.” 

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Together, the partnership has supported tree plantings in urban communities and areas that will benefit from more trees. One current project aims to repopulate trees in Cottage Grove, Houston, which were stripped during Hurricane Harvey. These efforts will help mitigate future flood risks, and provide shade for hiking and biking trails in the neighborhood. 

Bulleit Frontier Whiskey has also partnered with Street Art for Mankind and its Ecosystem Restoration Murals project, a global effort to draw attention to environmental issues through mural art. The company explained the most recent project, “In Houston, Bulleit Frontier Whiskey and Street Art for Mankind unveiled the first United Nations Ecosystem Restoration mural in the United States. The 16-story high mural by globally renowned artist, Martín Ron, depicts a local Houston resident’s hand holding a sapling. The mural represents the importance of amplifying Tree Equity globally, and also acts to inspire change at the community level.” 

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Founded in 1987, Bulleit has experienced a solid appreciation from bartenders, restaurant owners and customers, making it one of the fastest-growing whiskeys in America. Bulleit is a popular choice for mixed drinks, such as the ever-present old-fashioned, or for straight sipping. It’s described as having a “distinctive high rye recipe, which gives a bold, spicy, yet distinctively smooth taste.”

It’s won several awards, including a Double Gold medal for Bulleit 10-Year-Old and gold medals for Bulleit Bourbon and Bulleit Rye at the 2021 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. 

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“Every month is Earth Month at Bulleit Frontier Whiskey,” said Sophie Kelly, Diageo Senior Vice President of North American Whiskeys Portfolio. “Year-round we remain dedicated to replenishing the materials we use for the creation of our whiskeys, and supporting the communities in which we operate. Our ongoing partnership with American Forests continues to reflect our environmental standards, and we are so excited about the significant impact we’ve been able to make together.”

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Images via Bulleit Frontier Whiskey and American Forests via TruLove Studios