Designed by architect Christopher Deam, this minimalist single-wide trailer home has 400 sq ft of living space and sells for just $45,000! The trailer has one bedroom, a full-sized bathroom, an open kitchen, and comes with built-in storage and entertainment units. The front of the structure is composed of four large sliding-glass doors that are outfitted with blinds for sun-control and privacy.

It appears that Breckenridge is doing some serious market research on these puppies – so if you like this style of mobile home and want to see more of it, get thee to Breckenridgeparkmodels

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So, apparently Target unveiled this baby on the streets of New York City as a publicity event during New York Design Week this spring (May 2005). Although I remember having an intention to go to this Prefab-ulous launch event, it somehow slipped my mind (ICFF exhaustion and distraction undoubtedly) and I somehow missed this completely. Anyways, better late than never, right?

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