It seems that hardly a week passes before Dubai’s prospective skyline is updated with plans for yet another soaring skyscraper or incredible development. The latest world-class superstructure to grace the modern megopolis is Anara Tower, an ambitious project crowned with an eye-catching propeller-shaped peak. Designed by Atkins Designs Studio and Developed by Tameer Holding Investment, the 2,150 foot tall skyscraper will be aiming for LEED silver certification when construction begins next year.

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Shaped like super-massive wind turbine, Anara Tower is a mixed-use high-rise that will features residences, offices, retail spaces, a hotel, and a world-class art gallery. The 125 story structure will incorporate sky gardens every 27 floors and will boast a luxury restaurant situated within the glossy glass capsule in the center of the tower’s peak. Atkins Design Studio is aiming to maximize the skyscraper’s efficiency by incorporating water and energy efficiency strategies and potentially installing renewable sources of energy.

The Anara Tower website states: “Inspired by the vertical shape and representation of the Minaret, the antecedent of lighthouses and skyscrapers of today, the central aim behind the creation of Anara Tower is to produce a form that would be instantly recognizable on the local, regional, and architectural stage”

Construction is currently slated to begin at the end of 2009.

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