Designer Andre Joyau recycles old hardwood to create stunning furniture pieces such as this hardwood coffee table (left), and Furo Bench (right). The self-taught woodworker has a knack for utilizing the natural character of wood: knots, cracks and all, to its best advantage. Joyau’s style of juxtaposing a clean minimalist aesthetic with rustic “flawed” material lends an unexpected dynamism to the pieces ? making them far more interesting than if they were made of a more “refined” wood. And, since his furniture is made entirely from reclaimed hardwood, it’s good for the environment as well.

Unfortunately the talented designer doesn’t seem to have website that I can point you to. However, he does have a shop in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, where customers can pop in and talk to him about getting custom-made pieces.

+ 20 Van Dam Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222; 718-963-2616.

Via Design*Sponge

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