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The designer took a year off school to create the project that addresses the worldwide issue of our overconsumption. Sourcing the textile scraps from his hometown of Milan, he started arm weaving the pieces into oversized objects that could be used as chairs, cushions, pillows and carpets. Discarded textile scraps were also used to stuff the insides of the woven pieces, filling each out without using any purchased filler.

Each piece resembles organic shapes. The textures and weaves of each piece vary depending on the size of the weaver’s arms and their strength, resulting in fine or large weaves. This means each piece is personal to the maker, connecting craft and craftsman.

After the expo in Berlin, Brena plans to bring his project to Milan. Teaching others the simple technique of arm weaving, he plans to set up a cooperative to not only bring people together through the joy of craft, but to also create  artisan-made furniture for the design world to buy.

“Knitted Army” will be also shown at the Bauhaus Archive Museum Fur Gestaltung in Berlin from September 12 to October 15.

+ Andrea Brena

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