Did you ever have one of those lamps as a kid with a cut-out shade that cast silhouettes on the wall? Something about the combination of light and imagery could magically transport you to a more ethereal place. Artist-turned-lighting designer Andrea Claire has a sophisticated take on this idea, turning landscape photographs into lovely cylindrical lamps.

The idea seems deceptively simple: take a panoramic nature photograph, bend in a circle, afix to the inside of a linen lampshade. Yet the craft of the lamps, together with the beauty of the chosen images illustrate the designer’s unique vision.

+ Andrea Claire Lighting

Andrea Claire’s aim with this project is to bring “more nature into New York City apartment life”. Trained as an architect, fine artist and designer, Andrea’s latest designs synthesizes all of her practices into one.

If you missed her at BKLYN Designs, don’t worry – Andrea is showing all over the place in New York this weekend. She will be showing at ICFF, May 20-23, 2006, booth 457, and at the Living Spaces show in Brooklyn May 20-23rd, so catch her while she is out and about!