What’s the future of furniture design? Curves and sustainability. The hard angles and sharp edges of furniture’s past are gone in this collection from Andreu World. This furniture gives new meaning to the term circular design.

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Sustainably made chairs by Andreu World in office setting

The Nuez Lounge collection is designed to match the natural curves of the human body. Moreover, the curves of this furniture match the curves you actually have to provide better support and contouring. It doesn’t fit into the stereotypical idea of furniture. The collection was designed by Patricia Urquiola, using bioplastic material. These designs also include beech or oak — gorgeous, natural woods.

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Brick color background with Andreu World chair

Andreu World is also committed to a circular economy and uses certified wood and materials that are organic and sustainable for all designs. In fact, the lounge chair collection was awarded the OK BIOBASED seal of TÜV Austria. This is due to its BIO Thermopolymer material. BIO Thermopolymer is of a natural background — a compound that is created from biomass and plant-based additives.

Retro chair in a light brown

Following this, the BIO Thermopolymer material is made with 80% renewable and raw materials. It is 100% biodegradable and recyclable. Using this material offers humidity and temperature resistance as well.

White chair with short back

These are also pieces made mainly for workspaces, where comfort matters. These pieces are meant to feel as comfortable as being at home. Using geometry and curves inspired by the natural world, this furniture has no edges, no sharp angles and no corners. Andreu World places its emphasis on both comfort and sustainability.

The Nuez Lounge collection is certainly better for the planet. These pieces are manufactured to create a minimal carbon footprint out of sustainable materials. Forget about those hard, sharp designs of the past. Furniture should have always been designed to fit the natural shapes of our bodies.

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Images via Andreu World