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A large, twelve-foot door is the only entrance to the studio, and it opens up to a wooden staircase that leads to a private library lined with the owner’s books. Upstairs, the studio’s “tree canopy” offers a welcoming, naturally-illuminated space for reading, writing and reflection.

The interior wooden features of the studio are made out of straight grain Douglas fir, creating a natural synthesis with the surrounding forest views. Upstairs, the large windows are built in to the bookcases, taking a back seat among the studio’s star inhabitant: the impressive literary collection. The kitchen, bathrooms and storage spaces are also strategically concealed throughout the building, as to not take focus away from the main space.

The building’s mass is constructed with parallel steel portal frames that are clad with dark copper panels which react with the variations of the sunlight—the exterior will shimmer throughout the day or remain matte on cloudy days. Copper was used for its unique reflective properties and its ability to change into a brown and green patina, which will further blend the building with the surrounding forest as it ages.

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Via Arch Daily

Photos by Michael Moran