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Andrew van der Merwe says that he is particularly interested in pre-colonia and colonial script, and that most of his beach art is an assemblage of meaningless symbols and words. There’s even a word for that: asemic, which means that the words have no semantic content. But they sure look pretty.

While he is a particular fan of Adinkra symbols created by the Aken people of Ghana and the Ivory Coast and Tifinagh – a North African Tuareg script, van der Merwe has perfected modern scripts as well. For one commission he was asked to carve a word into a raised platform sand using Futura script. He’ll also etch names into the sand and ship the resulting print all across the globe.

These beautiful works of art cause no environmental damage, require very few materials, and – despite their temporary nature – produce a lasting feeling of great peace and tranquility.

+ Andrew van der Merwe

Via My Modern Met