Author Angela Youngman has released a guidebook that will immerse you in world of green roofs through case studies, imagery, and must-know terminology related to design, build, and installation of these vegetated scapes. Green Roofs is not a self-help manual, but rather a light read that takes a broad stroke look at many of the variables and considerations surrounding what should really be called “living buildings.”

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As described in the book, green roofs are becoming ever more important in the development of our cities and building planning. To cover the basics, the book reviews how green roofs help to deal with issues of storm water, reduce urban temperature spikes, create habitats and biodiversity, and aid in cleaning pollutants from water and air. Youngman goes another layer deeper to also talk lesser known benefits such as reduction of noise pollution, and helping to extend the life of the roof.

After the book grounds the reader in foundational knowledge, it presents many examples of the uses and variations of green roofs from around the world. The topics described would be fitting for those passionate about architecture, urban planning, construction, or gardening! Green Roofs is a nice fit for those who are interested in the general topic, but are not sure what are they would like become an expert in. By having an introduction to so many considerations – everything from insurance for green roofs, maintenance, or even green roofs for businesses – it’s a great kick start to learn where you may want to focus your next search for a deeper dive.

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All Images from Green Roofs: A Guide to their Design and Installation, by Angela Youngman