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The buildings were arranged to run perpendicular to the port zone and provide equal views for residents. In order to further integrate the new complex with the site, the architects designed landscaped paths and pedestrian spacesthat connect the new and existing buildings, and lead to the docks. Shed-like sloping roofs establish a visual continuity throughout the development.

A shared atrium-covered garden acts as a common space where residents can meet and relax. This space is naturally-ventilated and maintains stable temperatures thanks to the large openings located on the tympanums, and the thermal massof the building walls. During winter, only the central part of the atrium isnaturally ventilated. Natural light is captured and drawn inside through the south-facing portion of the roof, which features photovoltaic panels.

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The 1,500-square-meter roofed garden features variousplant speciesand paths leading directly to the living units. The plants vary in size and get smaller towards the walls of the two buildings. This help maintain optimal temperature and humidity levels and enhance the interior comfort level all year round.


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Photos by Cyrille Weiner