Thrifty Dutch designer Anneke Jakobs has created something wonderfully ‘a-peeling’ with her recycled Chiquita Chandelier. Created while a student at the Utrecht School of Product Design, the eco-luxe chandelier consists of cut out banana shapes from ten Chiquita cartons that the designer rescued from the streets. All of the chandelier elements are secured with desktop paper fasteners. The chandelier is for subtle ambient lighting only, but we are most impressed by the designer’s creative use of castaway materials for an upscale, brand-subverting object.

For additional examples of Anneke Jakob’s conceptual furniture pieces, you can visit her alternative, process-oriented design site. The designer most recently exhibited her Recycled Chair and Buttons at Milan Design Week 2007. She will also participate in the upcoming Utrecht 2nd Biennial for Social Design in November 2007. We look forward to seeing more of Jakob’s designs for inspiration on adaptive reuse and bold conceptual style.

+ Anneke Jakobs