You may remember our $8500 Laundry Room Makeover contest, where we teamed up with Method to give away an incredible green laundry room renovation. Well, more than 100,000 entries later we’re thrilled to announce that our grand prize winner is…. Karen Murphy of Connecticut! She’ll be receiving a complete eco-makeover of her entire laundry room — from new flooring and a fresh re-design to a brand new energy-efficient washer and dryer, not to mention an entire year’s supply of Method’s eco-friendly laundry detergent!

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The Task: Green, Clean, and Declutter a High-Trafficked Laundry Room

Winner Karen Murphy came to us with a formidable task – she wanted to brighten up and overhaul her highly-trafficked, multi-use laundry room and make it more organized and serene. Karen’s laundry room (shown above) currently serves many purposes. Beyond the washer and dryer, the room acts as a gateway from the garage to the main house for her family. It houses every kind of coat you can imagine in addition to an entire family’s worth of laundry. Needless to say, it can feel a bit crowded. So the Inhabitat team put our heads together and came up with a plan of attack to green and organize her setup.

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The Solution: Brighten the look and organize clutter

First, we’ll be removing the old, worn out floor and installing Flor tiles designed specifically for high-traffic rooms. These will give Karen many years of service and will perfectly complement a new custom shelving unit designed to help her stay organized in all seasons. We’ll be using no-VOC MDF materials to make sure the air in her laundry room air stays fresh and free of toxins. And of course, the room will receive a completely fresh coat of no-VOC paint to brighten it up and make it more inviting. We’re big fans of clean design, and a curtain to cover the messier moments of the closet is going to bring some tranquility to Karen’s laundry room activities. Finally, Karen’s going to have a complete arsenal of energy-monitoring devices with Blueline and Kill-A-Watt monitors to help her stay aware of her energy consumption.

Stay tuned for the completed project! We’re already hard at work, and Karen’s brand new laundry room will be ready in the first week of September.



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